GA Notify

GA Notify

GA Notify Experiences Rapid Growth

As noted in a recent press release, GA Notify grew exponentially in 2021. GA Notify now facilitates the largest real-time care coordination network, bridging the gaps between urban and rural hospitals in the state. Through the secure transmission of actionable, accurate, and event-driven data across health care entities, GA Notify is helping hospitals and providers across the state deliver better health care for all Georgians and comply with key federal and state data mandates. The number of hospitals participating in GA Notify has tripled over the past six months.  

There has never been a better time to connect to GA Notify. The service available through the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) offers hospitals and clinicians real-time awareness of patient encounters. Through GA Notify, providers, hospitals, and other organizations can receive admit, discharge, and transfer notifications for their established patients.

At no cost, GHA members are using GA Notify to meet the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) new Conditions of Participation (COP) for Electronic Notifications. GHA hosted a webinar series with guest speakers from GA Notify’s technology partner, Audacious Inquiry, on what hospitals need to do to meet compliance. Access the webinar recordings here.

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How Can GA Notify Help You?

Improve Care Coordination
Clinicians and care managers receive real-time notifications so they can promptly direct patients to the most appropriate care settings.

Improve Patient Satisfaction
Care providers and case managers can improve communications and streamline workflows, resulting in greater patient engagement.

Optimize Financial Performance
The ability to improve care coordination and reduce avoidable utilization is necessary to achieve your financial goals under value-based contracting or through enhancing Transitional Care Management (TCM) revenue.

Reduce Avoidable Utilization
Identify when, where, and why a patient is hospitalized, or receive insight into a patient’s relationships to make informed clinical decisions.