For ACOs & Risk Bearing Providers

Improve collaboration and coordination across care settings for your managed populations.

ACOs and risk bearing providers are responsible for patient outcomes even as they move to other care settings. Tracking and supporting specific populations is paramount to value-based care programs, and requires the right information at the right time to help effectively monitor and continue to coordinate patient care during transitions.

GA Notify offers providers the data visibility needed to oversee, collaborate, and coordinate care for the patients they monitor, especially their managed populations. Better coordination can help you reduce delays in care, duplicative services and costs, as well negative outcomes, which can also help support  better quality measures.

GA Notify unites hospitals, primary care providers, payers, and others responsible for coordinating patient care across the continuum.


Improve the Total Cost of Care by Reducing Avoidable Utilization

Take control of preventable ED visits, admissions and readmissions with real-time event notifications and insights into high-risk patients, chronic conditions, network leakage, and more.

Empower Care Managers

Enable proactive care collaboration across post-acute providers with visibility into real-time patient status and clinical information.

Enable a High-Performing Post-Acute Partner Network

Improve population outcomes with access to post-acute provider performance metrics.