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Real-Time Alerting for Care Coordination

It is essential for care management teams to know when, where, and why their patients receive hospital-based services. Patients with chronic conditions especially require timely care. Awareness of these encounters allows providers to arrange for appropriate in-hospital disease management and/or follow-up care based on each patient’s individual needs, regardless of the situation.

With Georgia Notify (GA Notify), practices can customize their experience by choosing which alert types (i.e., hospital discharges, emergency room registrations, etc.) are most relevant, allowing them to receive the critical information when it happens. Providers can also assign workflow statuses and create care notes to share among users within their practice.

GA Notify unites hospitals, primary care providers, payers, and others responsible for coordinating patient care across the continuum by providing real-time alerts of patient health care encounters. These alerts inform subscribers of admissions and discharges from connected facilities (such as hospitals, clinics, etc.) and includes information like the patient’s current contact information and the reason for admission. GA Notify is a helpful tool for coordinating care, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.

GA Notify leverages best-in-class patient matching algorithms to deliver personalized, contextualized notifications based on submitted patient lists, dynamic auto-roster creation, and patient assertion at the point of care. GA Notify has been carefully tailored to optimize the physician experience by managing duplication, respecting provider preferences, and supporting deep workflow integration. With the latest CMS requirement on hospitals to provide notifications to over-alerted providers, ensuring a streamlined process is key to success.


Optimized Financial Performance

GA Notify’s ability to improve care coordination and reduce avoidable utilization is necessary to achieve an organization’s financial goals under value-based contracting—bundles, ACOs, PCMH programs—or through enhancing Transitional Care Management (TCM) revenue.

Improved Care Coordination

GA Notify delivers actionable real-time alerts to aid users in promptly directing patients to the most appropriate care settings. Patients who may be either ACO members or part of specific care management programs can be managed in a more consolidated way. A single user can access multiple panels instead of having to create multiple logins or use separate interfaces. Likewise, multiple users can be assigned to the same group, allowing patient management status to be accessed across an organization and worked simultaneously.

Reduced Avoidable Utilization

Identify in real time when, where, and why a patient is hospitalized, and receive insight into a patient’s relationships to make informed clinical decisions. Time is of the essence to provide follow-up care for discharged patients to reduce the likelihood of a readmission. Discharge alerts enable timely post-discharge follow-up.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

GA Notify alerts improve communications and streamline workflows between care providers and case team managers, leading to greater patient engagement and satisfaction. By sending care providers and case team managers the information they need to reach out to patients, GA Notify alleviates the need for patients and caregivers to contact providers to schedule follow-up care.


Industry-Leading Data Quality and Patient Matching

Over a decade of proven practice optimizing ADT data quality to both match patients at unparalleled rates while also ensuring salient, actionable insights empower care managers to effectively coordinate care. GA Notify extracts the signal from the noise, delivering only the most relevant notifications from the hundreds of raw messages generated during a typical patient encounter.

Flexible Delivery Management

GA Notify tailors alerts to provider preferences to minimize abrasion and maximize efficiency. This flexibility ranges from sophisticated, seamless integration into EMR workflows through the use of HL7 v2, FHIR APIs, Direct, C-CDA XML files, and more to simplified, user-friendly alert delivery to a GA Notify web portal or via aggregated daily CSV files.

Flexible Roster Management

Given the criticality of roster-based alerting services, GA Notify has a multi-modal solution to allow practices and other subscribing organizations to upload rosters. Simple, automated roster population using ADT, scheduling feeds, or self-service loading provides organizations of all sizes and technical complexity the flexibility needed to ensure efficient operations.


GA Notify SmartAlerts technology enables many out-of-the-box specialized care coordination use cases such as cardiac event, COPD, gastrointestinal related illness, opioid overdose, sepsis, COVID lab and death reporting, and much more. SmartAlerts allow physicians and care managers from different specialties and care settings to customize the alerts they receive through filters to more closely meet their needs, resulting in rapid care coordination for networked clinical decision-making at the point of care.

Workflow-Friendly Interface and Dashboard

The GA Notify portal is a powerful and flexible tool designed for simple access of alerts for end users.  It supports evolving care coordination workflows by providing the ability to manage alert outreach, share care plans across teams, and coordinate follow-up activities. The portal has powerful filtering capabilities that enable users to personalize their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, review the standard Subscription Order for GA Notify Data Recipient and Subscriber Onboarding Subscriber Packet. Contact us at with any questions about the service or the documentation listed above. If you are ready to get started, send us the completed documents at with the subject of the email as “Completed GA Notify Onboarding Subscriber Form and Subscription Order For GA Notify Data Recipient”.
Yes. GA Notify subscriber pricing is set at a per-patient, per-year rate, based on subscriber type and the number of patients on a panel, billed on a quarterly basis. Please send an email to to receive pricing details.
Submit the necessary paperwork. Obtain credentials from the GA Notify team after submission and approval of Subscriber Onboarding Packet. Submit a patient panel (aka patient list) for subscription. Start receiving your organization’s notifications from the GA Notify network!
Your practice/organization will provide a list of patients for whom you would like to receive notifications. You will also determine which events you would like alerts for. GA Notify receives messages from hospitals in Georgia and compares them to your patient list. When one of your patients receives care at a connected hospital, you will receive an alert containing details about that patient’s hospital encounter. For example, if John is one of the patients on the list that you have provided and John was admitted at one of the connected hospitals, you would receive a real-time notification letting you know when John has been discharged allowing for quick coordination of follow-up activities with John.
Generally, health care entities who meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Covered Entity requirements to access patient health information are eligible to subscribe to GA Notify alerts. Currently, hospital, physician-based practices, ACOs, SNFs, health plans, and other ambulatory type healthcare providers can receive GA Notify services.
Subscribing organizations/individuals provide a panel (aka listing or roster) of patients for whom they have established relationship and wish to receive encounter alerts. Formatting information for the patient panel can be found within the GA Notify Onboarding Subscriber Packet. GA Notify also offers the option for subscribers to create patient lists using an auto-subscription function. For the auto-subscription option, if a subscriber is part of an organization that is submitting the necessary data, GA Notify can use the data feed of admit, discharge, transfer (ADT) data to construct a panel of patients the organization wants to track.
GA Notify offers the flexibility to update patient lists on any interval, from real-time through the auto-subscription option, to weekly, monthly, or quarterly file uploads as flat files. GA Notify recommends that panels be updated at least monthly, but that determination is ultimately a subscriber preference.
Alerts are delivered directly to the individual responsible for a patient’s care via a number of secure methods including an SFTP site, Direct Messaging, web-based GA Notify portal, and more.
GA Notify receives admit, discharge, transfer (ADT) messages from hospitals in near real-time and, if requested, can send notifications within moments of an encounter event being recorded in the hospital’s own electronic health record (EHR) system. Subscribers also have the option of receiving notifications in a batch format.